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Hello, All!

Did you know that we are on Facebook and many more social websites on the internet?

Yes, we love to be part of the young and modern crowd, and we also like to give the opportunity to our customers to stay in touch with us using their favourite apps and gadgets. We post all kinds of updates about our steel frame storage racks with MDF shelves and we welcome all comments, good or bad :0)))!

If you go to the main page of our website and click on the social website buttons on the left hand side, you can like us on Facebook or follows us on Twitter and you'll never be behind on the new products we will be adding as of Fall 2017.

Yes, we will be adding many more products to our websites such as storage kits and storage carts, and more storage racks of different dimensions and loading capacities.

So definitely follow us on Google+ or Pinterest and we will be always quick to reply to all your comments or answer all of your questions or concerns!


The Team of MoliveRacks.com



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