TUV SUD Certificate

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We are often asked about the loading capacity of our storage racks as well as their durability. Our customers sometimes have doubts that our storage rack systems can take up to 175kg (385lb) per shelf or 875kg (1930lb) per rack (UDL*). But doubt no more, they can and we have a certificate to prove it. The storage racks have been tested for quality and standard by TUV SUD or the world leader in product testing and certification. TUV SUD provides certificate of quality to million of products throughout the world and each and every product tested that receives their stamp of approval goes through extensive testing that leaves no doubts about the product's grade and value! 

The TUV SUD certificates of quality are recognized world wide and if you still have any doubts you can read more about their work and how a product is tested on their website http://www.tuv-sud.com

Do not trust us but the leaders in quality certification! Take advantage of out March Bulko Offer and buy high-quality, TUV SUD certified racks at unbeatable prices!

Cheers and Happy First Day of Spring!

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