Spring Cleaning!

Hello, #Vancouver!

I know that the weather outside is not cooperating with us and Spring has seemed to have lost our zip code, but we still have to think of the months ahead of us of cleaning and organizing dusty and cobwebbed basements and garages. And we shouldn't forget that no self-respecting Canadian waits for better weather so now is the time to get ready for that big #SpringCleaning!

Why now you'll ask? Because right now @moliveracks has an awesome bulk offer available on our website - www.moliveracks.com! Buy storage racks in bulk and save big. The more you buy, the more you save! And our storage racks are so easy to use, so easy to assemble, so versatile that by clicking the buy button and half of your #SpringCleaning is done!

And the best thing of all - we are offering free shipping and handling for British Columbia and $11.99/rack flat shipping fee for the rest of Canada!

And this is not all! Sign up for our newsletter and receive another $5.00 off your entire purchase!

Hurry Up and don't miss out on all of these great offers!

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