Have You Seen Us on the Road?

Hello, All!

We are always very excited when we get local, Lower Mainland, orders because we deliver them ourselves and we get to meet our customers and chat with them! The personal interaction is so important as we learn about your needs and expectations, and what products you might be looking forward to seeing on our website in the future. We are always curious to find out how you found out about us as well. Most recently we have added a new way to reach out to prospective customers - our delivery vehicles. So if you see us on the road, give us a honk! Please, DO stay safe on the road  and don't let our vehicles distract you!

Your orders are safely nestled inside our delivery cars and you rest assured that the steel storage racks you have purchased from www.moliveracks.com will be delivered to your front door speedily! We know that you are excited about purchasing metal shelving units to organize your home, garage, basement, small warehouse, office or back office and many more and we will not be the ones delaying your organization and storage plans.

Our delivery services are free of charge in BC and only $10 flat fee shipping for the rest of Canada. We can't drive to most of our customers but we do make sure every one of them get their order within 7-10 business days!

So wait no more and visit www.moliveracks.com now! Buy in bulk and save more! We for sure have the best priced steel storage racks on the internet!


The Team of MoliveRacks.com



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