Happy Canada Day, Y'all!

Hello, All!

Happy Canada Day! 

We hope that you are enjoying the long weekend and spending it in the way that makes you happy and relaxed. Eat, drink and be merry! However, you do want to spend some of the long weekend involved in productive rather than festive activities, right? Maybe get the garage in order or organize that messy basement?

Well, now is the time to do that because our metal frame/MDF shelves storage racks are on sale for $57.99+tax/rack! And the sale won't last forever. The shelving units are high-load bearing and boltless - you only need a rubber head mallet to assemble them! They come in two colours - black or blue but both colours are on sale so hurry up and BUY NOW

You still get free delivery for BC and $10.00 flat fee delivery for the rest of Canada so what are you waiting for? The perfect solution to your organizational headaches is only a few clicks away!

Keep in mind most stores have Canada Day Sales and metal shelving units on sale, but we have yet to find such a low price for powder painted, enamel finish metal storage racks with durable MDF shelves! 


Best Regards,

The Team of MoliveRacks.com


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