Cost-Effective Storage Racks

Hello, All!

We pride ourselves with the fact that on our website, we offer high-quality metal (steel) storage racks at a price that usually buys you plastic racking everywhere else. We have numerous customers who comment on that fact and keep coming back to us to buy more of our metal rack shelving!

An average price of $60.00 CAD buys you a low load resin rack in most big name chain stores. Plastic or resin racks, while light weight and easy to carry as well as assemble, are usually unstable and can be used for very limited storage. Furthermore, $60.00 CAN before taxes is in most cases a discounted promotional or sale price.

The beauty of our racks is that they are easy to put together as the resin racks and they are on average cheaper than the resin racks but they can bear an uniformly distributed load of 875kg/1930lb per rack or 175kg/385lb per shelf. No resin rack can beat that!

So take advantage of our low price and buy more to save more!

You can shop in our store in Port Coquitlam or on our website. Free pickup and paid delivery are both available!


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