Canton Trading Fair in Guangzhou, China

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Hello, All!

We have been away from the website for a while but we have a good excuse as we visited the fall session of the Canton Trading Fair in Guangzhou, China. As you well know, our metal frame storage racks are manufactured in China and for us is very important to carry on a uninterrupted communication with the manufacturers in China in order to ensure the great quality of our products.

Visiting the Canton Fair, the factories where the shelving units are produced and the people who oversee the production in China is essential to bringing a high quality product to Canada. When we visit China, we always visit the manufacturing sites to observe the production procedures, the quality of conditions in which the workers work and of course make sure that no one (children, adolescents or adults) gets mistreated in the factories where out product is made.

At the Canton Fair, we get to negotiate the best prices of our product for the best quality. We familiarize ourselves with new trends in the industry as well as get ideas of new products that might be suitable for the Canadian market. 

We are expending our inventory and as of January 2018, we will be adding more sizes of storage racks to our website, new workbenches and workbenches with peg boards, accessories for the shelving units and many more.

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